Le bouton d’ouverture de session est maintenant situé au coin supérieur droit du site web.  On peut visiter toutes les communautés sans ouvrir de session.
Login is now located in the top right corner of the website. You do not have to login to browse to any of the public communities.
Your username is your email address.
A public community is open to everyone. No login is required to view any of the discussions or shared resources. Private communities require a login and special permission to view and contribute. A private community may belong to an educational program where curriculum materials are posted for the course attendees.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Browsing the communities has been made simple: 
Click on the Communities link in the menu bar Scroll until you see the community that interests you 
Click on the community title to view the community. 

Note: You do not need to be logged in to browse any of the public communities. However, you are required login if you wish to contribute to the discussions or documents.
When you join a community you are able to: 

 1.Contribute to discussions 
 2.Share documents 
 3.Set alerts updating you on the community.
Joining a community has been made simple:
1.Click on the Communities link in the menu bar 
2.Scroll until you see the community that interests you  
3.Click the join button to the right of the community title 
4.Read the instructions and click confirm.
If a community is private, you are unable to simply click on the join button to join the community. Instead you click on the Request to Join a community button, and read the instructions to send your request. An administrator for that community will be able to grant your access.
There are two ways you can upload a document. 

1. Straight from the home page of a community:
   1.Click on upload file on the right side of the page under the Actions menu 
   2.Choose the file you want to upload 
   3.Use the tree structure and click on the folder you want to upload it to 
   4.Click upload
 2. From the folder you want to upload to 
   1.Click on Documents 
   2.Browse to the folder you want to upload too 
   3.Click on Upload 
   4.Choose file 
   5.Click Okay.
Adding a new discussion topic is a great way to ask a question and open up a dialogue on a particular topic. Some Communities may have several discussion boards with various topics. Every community will have a General Discussion Board. To post a new topic: 

 1.Click on discussions 
 2.Choose the discussion board that relates to your topic 
 3.Click on New 
 4.Enter subject / topic title, add your comments in the body and click save
The My Profile section lists all of the communities you have joined
Your personal information on the Account Details page located in the My Profile section
You can enjoin a community from your My Profile page or from the home page of the community you wish to leave.
Yes. You can receive an email alert summary of updates for each community you join. You can receive the updates daily or weekly.
You can manage your email alerts from the My Profile page by clicking on the manage alerts button beside the community you wish to setup alerts for.​​​​​​​​​​​